Optimize Your Pipeline’s Therapeutic Index with Novel Delivery Systems to Overcome Endosomal Barriers in Target Cells

It has long been understood that the ability to deliver therapeutic cargos to cytosolic sites of action in target tissue could unlock access to previously undruggable targets, whilst enabling the development of safer and efficacious drugs.

Now, advances in nanomedicine technology, the LNP-enabled mRNA vaccine and modern medicine’s shift towards a more personalized model are fuelling excitement amongst drug developers as they position their pipelines towards utilizing novel delivery systems which effectively engage previously elusive intracellular targets.

With mounting investments, industry collaborations and interest in leveraging next-generation nano vehicles, from LNP’s, liposomes, EV’s, polymeric nanoparticles (& beyond!), new avenues have been opened for optimizing the therapeutic index of novel pipelines, from antisense oligonucleotides, siRNA, mRNA & DNA delivery to peptide protein drugs.

It’s timely for the Targeted Intracellular Delivery Summit to arrive as your only industry dedicated forum, focussed on accelerating the mechanistic understanding and potential of much-needed intracellular delivery technologies through exploiting an advanced understanding of membrane biology and biological barriers.

Uniting the leading minds of large pharma, biotech and academia, this is your opportunity to join Formulation, Chemistry, Delivery & Biology experts as the industry showcases the pioneering discoveries, critical findings and novel approaches fast-tracking promising candidates towards the clinic.

Built With Biopharma Insights in Mind, Join This Summit for a Deep Dive Into:

Innovative case studies exploring assay methodologies for confident demonstration of intracellular payload delivery

Novel delivery technologies delivering payloads to target tissue’s beyond the liver and unlocking under specific conditions

Transferable learnings across next-generation vehicles creating opportunities for optimizing the therapeutic index of nucleotide & protein pipelines

Deep dive into latest membrane biology & disease pathology intelligence creating opportunities for next-generation targeting approaches

Optimized strategy to evade critical endosomal degradation pathways and preserve payload

Benchmarking for analytically verifying therapeutic in vivo activity at target subcellular compartments

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