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2nd Targeted Intracellular Delivery Summit – What to Expect in 2024

Back with a rejuvenated focus, we remain committed to refining your drug pipeline's therapeutic index. Amidst the familiar terrain of novel formulation technologies like cell-penetrating peptides, nanoparticles, and exosomes, we proudly introduce a fresh focus. Explore uncharted territories in cellular biology, mechanisms, endosomal escape and novel targets that extend beyond the liver in in-depth presentations and roundtables and explore cell targeting methods and second-generation drug innovation in our newest Workshop.

Our event offers the unique opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and never-before seen case studies with key industry leaders such as Sanofi, Capstan Therapeutics, Sana Biotechnology, Merck & Co, Nanosyrinx, Feldan Therapeutics, Biond Bio, Genmab, Biocogent, Versatope Therapeutics, Matinas Biopharma and more.

By uniting C-Level executives, Biology and Gene Therapy Research Heads, Senior Directors of Pharmacology,and Molecular Biologists from large pharma, biotech, and academia, we aim to address the challenges of targeted intracellular delivery in a pre-clinical, industry focused forum.

Join us next March to further your knowledge to improving targeting and intracellular delivery of your drug pipelines.

Join Your Peers to:


Optimize drug delivery by overcoming endosomal escape challenges, using tools and pH assessment for enhanced efficacy, with Feldan Therapeutics and Sana Biotechnology

Expand targeted therapies beyond the liver, accessing novel tissues and streamlining in vitro to in vivo transitions, in case studies and roundtables sessions from Capstan Therapeutics and Matinas BioPharma

Gain profound insights into targeting specific cell populations to apply across cancer and autoimmune disease, to improve the efficacy of your drug and therapeutic interventions with SSI Strategy’s Workshop

Re-evaluating the design of disease targeting delivery platforms such as cell-penetrating peptides, small molecules, and assays to progress immune-therapeutic approaches with Versatope Therapeutics and Merck & Co

Explore novel delivery strategies, such as AAVs and bacterial toxins, comparing against LNPs and exploring delivery of cargo into selected tumors and targets with SickKids and Sanofi

Who Will You Meet?

Engage with over 70+ C-Level Executives, professionals in Biology, Pharmacology, and Molecular Biology, representing leading pharma, biotech, and academics. They are keen to broaden their insights into cellular mechanisms and intracellular signaling, aiming to enhance the therapeutic effectiveness of their drug pipelines.

What Your Peers Have to Say:

“Intimate environment with great talks”
Chief Scientific Officer, Evercrisp

“The whole event was great. Selection of speakers was very good and gave a really comprehensive picture of the landscape in this field. I really enjoyed that most speakers were from the industry, presenting more high standard and relevant work”
Chief Technology Officer, Biond Biologics